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Volunteer at the Asylum

Artisan’s Asylum is run by a very small paid staff and a large number of dedicated volunteers. We have dozens of people, with a wide range of skills and interests, working hard on creating a space and community to support the work we all want to do.

Did you know your employer may match the hours you’ve volunteered for Artisan’s Asylum? Please submit this form at the end of the year, and we’ll provide you with a confirmation on our letterhead to bring to your employer.



Front desk volunteers (Deskies) are the Asylum’s front line greeters for curious visitors, potential donors, the press, new students, and prospective members. Deskies serve as the primary resource for new members in getting oriented and to existing members looking for help with information and solutions. General duties include:

  • Greet visitors and give over 1,000 tours every year
  • Answer general questions about Artisan’s Asylum for our members and students
  • Provide security by regulating access to our space during staffed hours
  • Mail services and data entry support

Ready? Complete the application here.



This volunteer position requires regular commitment and offers the opportunity to learn and apply design and fabrication techniques in our community maintained shops and facilities. If you want to be notified when the application is available, email to let us know you are interested! Learn more about this program here.



Sign up for a regularly scheduled tour slot or to be on-call by filling out this form! No experience? No problem! Training will be made available.



Have shop experience? Help us by helping our members get signed off to safely and competently use tools in our fabrication shops. Start by filling out this form.