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96 Holton Street, Boston, MA 02135
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Email Directory

Want access to our tools, classes, and space?

  • front-desk@artisansasylum.com for general information about our available programs, services, classes, events, and membership. If our front desk can’t answer your question right away, they’ll connect you to the person who can.
  • member-services@artisansasylum.com for inquiries about studio and storage space rental, and other related questions.
  • facilities@artisansasylum.com for inquiries about tools and equipment

Want help with a project or idea?

  • Discuss: For all technical inquiries and all “can you help me or teach me?” and “what do you guys think of this?” questions. Goes to a Google Group of members of the Artisan’s Asylum and our extended community of makers. You can ask to join the Google Group to post message and participate in the discussion.
  • Have it Made: For requests for custom paid design and fabrication work to be done by Artisan’s members. These requests go to a discussion list, and can be sent by e-mailing have-it-made@.  Note that we do not operate as a job shop here at the Asylum, but we do have a number of members who run jobs out of the space. Artisan’s Asylum will make no recommendations and takes no responsibility for the quality of work arranged through the have-it-made list — we are simply facilitating communication.
  • Make a Makerspace: Similar to Have it Made, we host an indexable archive and discussions over on our forums.

Want more information about us or how to get involved?

  • Our Announce Mailing List is the best place to hear about upcoming classes and events open to the public. Sign up to receive announcements here!
  • press@ For all press and media inquiries
  • donate@ For inquiries about donations and sponsorships
  • outreach@ For tour requests or partnerships, and information about our Corporate Associates program
  • teach@ For inquiries about teaching at Artisan’s Asylum and private class requests.
  • jobs@ For inquiries about other available volunteer and paid positions

Are you looking for the Google Groups or the Forums?
Artisan’s Asylum also hosts a forum to foster discussions, which you can sign up for at our forums here.  In addition, we have a number of Google Group based mailing lists, some of which you can join and some which are more technical; they’re all listed on our bookstack (wiki) here.