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We are currently accepting
class proposals!

We always welcome inquiries from potential new instructors! As part of our mission to make creating a part of life, we hold classes not only to help teach people fabrication skills, but also to help people make a living from their craft. If you have an art or craft you love and a passion for teaching, we would love to help you share it.

For Interested Instructors:

  • Fill out the Class Proposal form.
  • Check out this page of our wiki for more information on required contract/employment enrollment paperwork.
  • Send a blank email to instructors-announce-subscribe[AT]artisansasylum[DOT]com to subscribe to our instructor mailing list to receive further info, updates and calls for class proposals.
  • If you’re interested in volunteering some time as a tool tester to get oriented to our shops and community, fill out this interest form.


FAQs for Instructors

Why should I become a teacher at Artisan’s Asylum?

You are giving people the ability to make. You would teach people how to safely and effectively use tools. You’re helping your community. It’s fun. You’re making some money doing something you already love to do.

How often are new classes added?

Every term we add new classes and instructors; terms start in January, May, and September.

We do sometimes add new classes mid-stream, however — so submit when you can and give us a few months’ information about your availability!

Can I set my own class schedule?

Yes, within certain constraints. We will make sure your class doesn’t conflict in time or space with another class, and offer input as to what has worked well in the past.

How much could I make?

Teachers of group classes get 45% of class income (not including materials fees). So how much you make will depend on the market value of the type of class you’re offering, how many students you can accommodate, and how many of those seats we can fill. (Instructors who are brought on as W2 employees get 45% of class income, to adjust for employer tax contributions.)

Instructors can also set up private lessons in our space when it’s available — you can set your own rates, but we ask for 25% of the revenue in exchange for the use of our facilities, and we ask you not to monopolize the relevant shop area.

Would I have help advertising my classes?

Yes! We do publicity for all our classes, and these days most students find out about classes through our website or email. But we expect instructors to reach out to your own network and put some effort into marketing as well!

We’re teaching sometimes dangerous processes. As an instructor, is my liability protected?

Our waivers and insurance indemnify your actions, so long as you are not acting in gross negligence. Artisan’s Asylum has general liability insurance, and employees of Artisan’s Asylum are covered by it. If you would like to teach as an independent contractor, we request that you obtain your own general liability insurance, and name Artisan’s Asylum as additionally insured.

What if I want to teach something unrelated to fabrication?

It’s not our top priority, but we’ll certainly consider it! We’ll want some demonstration of interest in the class, either from a group you know will attend or our own members.


What if I want to teach for free?

If you want to offer free instruction to your friends or community members, that’s welcome! Please feel free to help out anyone in the shop. Non-members will have to pay for membership to cover their entry and use of the shop spaces.
If you want to volunteer your time to teach our classes, you’re free to!
If you need exclusive access, we may have to bump you from the schedule to make room for paid classes, though we’ll try not to.

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