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  • Thanksgiving Week – Limited Hours

    2013 - 11.26

    Hello everyone,

    To allow for our volunteers and staff to celebrate the holiday with friends and family, the front desk is open for the following limited hours this week at the Asylum:

    Wednesday 11/27 12:00pm – 4:00pm
    Thursday 11/28 CLOSED
    Friday 11/29 10:00am – 2:00pm
    Saturday 11/30 10:00am – 2:00pm

    Regular staffed hours will resume Sunday December 1st.

    Thanks and enjoy the holiday!

    Jess Muise

    Member Services Coordinator

    New December Classes Posted!

    2013 - 11.10

    In the spirit of the holiday season swiftly approaching, the instructors at Artisan’s Asylum have worked hard to come up with fun new offerings for you and your friends and family. Check out the list below for details on new offerings like:

    New classes in Bike Maintenance, including a fun and seasonally appropriate evening of hot cider and training on winter biking;
    New classes in metalworking including a class on metal bending and shaping and a guided steel projects workshop;
    A silvercasting workshop;
    New glassworking classes including an intermediate class on shaping & decorating;
    A new t-shirt printing class;
    and a new FREE fiber arts work night!

    We’re also bringing back a long-absent class in Soft Circuitry, which teaches you to incorporate electronics into clothes, accessories, and other cloth and fibers projects.

    For those of you eager to start, the following classes have just a few seats available and begin in the coming week:

    Introduction to the Matsuura Vertical Machining Center, 7-9:30pm Tuesdays, November 12 – December 10
    NEW! FREE Fiber Arts Work Night, 6-9pm Wednesdays, starting November 13
    Tool Training: Oxy-Acetylene Welding, Cutting, & Heating, 7-10pm Thursday, November 14
    NEW! Business Skills for Artists FREE Workshop Series: #3 – Yours or Not? Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Age, 7-9pm Friday, November 15
    Single-Color Screen Printing: A One-Day Introduction, 11am-4pm Saturday, November 16
    Introduction to Leatherworking, 4-6pm Sundays, November 17 – December 15
    Introduction to Arduino,7:30-9:30pm Mondays, November 18 – December 16

    Read on for our full list of available classes starting in November and December: Read the rest of this entry »

    Congratulations to our newly elected Directors & Officers!

    2013 - 11.04

    Artisan’s Asylum annual elections for Directors and Officers just ended, and we’d like to welcome:

    • W. Aaron Waychoff, Director
    • Lenny Foner, Director
    • Molly Rubenstein, President
    • Mimi Graney, Treasurer (returning)
    • Ellen Blackburn, Secretary

    A big thanks to our outgoing directors and officer, for a long and packed year of work:

    • Gui Cavalcanti, Director & President
    • Aaron Falk, Director & Chair
    • Jesse Baer-Kahn, Director

    And thank you to everyone who participated in these elections by running, voting, or volunteering! We look forward to the year ahead being a productive one.

    Last Chance November Classes!

    2013 - 11.04

    It’s an exciting time at Artisan’s Asylum: new staff hired, new board members elected, a new multipurpose room being built out, and plans for new tools, possible new studio spaces, and new membership structures being discussed. Our educational offerings are no exception; our instructors are beginning to shower us with new class ideas. In November, just to name a few, we have a new daytime welding class, a new training program for the tablesaw, a lecture on intellectual property in the digital age, and our first class on the heatpress, a quick & easy alternative to screen printing.

    More new classes are coming in December: stay tuned for new offerings in metalworking, bike maintenance & repair, woodworking, and more!

    For those last-minute planners, check out the following classes with open seats starting in the next two weeks:

    Introduction to Raspberry Pi, 7:30-9:30pm Tuesdays, November 5 – December 3
    Introduction to the Multicam Industrial CNC Router, 2-4pm Wednesdays, November 6 – December 4
    Introduction to the Matsuura VMC, 7-9:30pm Tuesdays, November 12 – December 10
    Jewelry: Directed Open Studio, 6-9pm Wednesdays, November 13 – December 18
    Jewelry II: Silver Rings, Earrings or Pendants, 6-9pm Thursdays, November 14 – December 1
    NEW! Business Skills for Artists FREE Workshop Series: #3 – Yours or Not? Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Age, 7-9pm Friday, November 15
    Introduction to Leatherworking, 4-6pm Sundays, November 17 – December 15
    Introduction to Arduino, 7:30-9:30pm Mondays, November 18 – December 16

    Classes currently available for registration, October-December:

    Read the rest of this entry »

    Power Tools Pumpkin Carving 12-4pm Today!

    2013 - 10.20

    It’s a beautiful day for machining giant pumpkins in the streets! Come join us this afternoon in front of 493 Somerville Avenue (CPCU Credit Union) to watch artists Seth Avecilla, Lesley Bannatyne, Gary Duehr, Gretchen Greene, and Ecco Pierce take their tools to five 100-160lb pumpkins.

    If you want to get a sense of what to expect, check out amazing photos from the last three years on our Facebook and Flickr pages.

    We’ll be there from noon to 4pm today! Come join to watch the action, get some bad ideas for home pumpkin carving, and enjoy the rest of the MonsterMashed Up Somerstreets Festival, stretching all the way from Union to Davis Square.

    There will also be the annual epic clean-pumpkin-gunk-out-of-power-tools party at the Asylum from 4-5pm, which all are welcome to join :D

    See you soon!