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  • Dragon at ArtBeat, July 2011

    2011 - 08.02

    For the Somerville Arts Council’s ArtBeat Festival in July 2011, Artisan’s Asylum built a full-story-tall dragon in the middle of Davis Square. One team of volunteers spent the day bending conduit, building the frame, and covering it with a chicken wire skin, according to design by president Gui Cavalcanti, while another cut wire mesh and vinyl skin and carefully attached detailing to the head under the watchful eyes of Ecco Pierce, artist and designer of the project. Festival-goers watched as the dragon took shape over the course of the day, asking questions and even joining in the work. All were rewarded at the end of the day with a ride and a roar on the completed dragon’s back, to the delight of the lingering volunteers and festival-goers alike!

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