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  • Upcoming Events at Artisan’s Asylum: Pumpkins, Politics, Open Studios and more!

    2012 - 10.27

    We have an incredibly array of events leading us into the new year, from pumpkin carving with power tools and launching a political platform for creative professionals, each in the next few days, to celebrating our first full year in Tyler Street, to running our first ever independent Open Studios — and finally to a long-standing community favorite, the do-it-yourself Secret Santa program. Whether they’re in two days or two months, put them all in your calendar now!


    Power Tools Pumpkin Carving: Sunday, October 28, 12-4pm, Somerville Ave between Loring & Laurel Streets

    Come join five of our resident rockstar artists as they apply their power tools carving skills to giant pumpkins in the middle of Somerville Avenue. Cat Tweedie Ball, Dan Sternof Byer, Ecco Pierce, Spark, and Jacob LaRocca will each be taking a 150 pound pumpkin and making it their own.

    And you don’t just have to watch! Bring your own pumpkin and carve with us — qualified Asylum members are free to use the power tools on their own pumpkins of any size, and anyone at all is welcome to bring their own implements and dig in with us — we’ll have plenty of extra tables and chairs.

    This event is part of the Somerstreets MonsterMashedUp Fall Festival — there will be performances and activities all along Somerville Ave, between Union and Porter Squares.


    MASSCreative Kickoff for Cambridge & Somerville: Tuesday, October 30, 6-7:30pm

    We’re excited to be hosting the Cambridge and Somerville Kickoff for an important new initiative this coming Tuesday evening. MASSCreative is establishing a political platform for the creative professionals and organizations of Massachusetts to advocate for the resources and attention to build vibrant, creative, and connected communities.

    At this event, you can learn about MASSCreative and its plan to bring more resources and attention to the creative communities and arts education in the region. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with other creative professionals and organizations from throughout Cambridge and Somerville. There will even be a postcard-writing campaign you can participate in at the event. Come join us in making a difference for our communities across the state. RSVP on the event page here.

    This event is also sponsored by other local creative organizations, like the Somerville Arts Council, Cambridge Arts Council, Brickbottom Artist Association, East Somerville Main Streets, HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands, Somerville Open Studios, Somerville Historic Preservation Commission, and Mudflat Studio, among others. Check out the event page linked above for more information about co-sponsors.


    Tyler Street Birthday Party: Friday, November 9, 7-10pm

    November 4th marks the one-year anniversary of opening the Tyler Street facility up to renters. To celebrate, two weeks from now we’ll be gathering at the Asylum for dinner and good cheer to share stories and images of the past year at the Asylum.

    In preparation, send me some of your favorite stories about Asylum adventures, ways the Asylum has affected or changed your life, and any choice images or clips of video you think should be included in a slideshow/montage we share at the event.

    If you have other fun ideas for how to celebrate our 1-year anniversary in the space or want to help out with the festivities, let me know!


    Save the Date: First Annual Artisan’s Asylum Independent Open Studios, Saturday December 1st

    Artisan’s Asylum will be hosting our first-ever independent Open Studios event this winter! On the afternoon of Saturday, December 1st, we’ll open our doors to the public to display the wonderful work created by Asylum members, renters, instructors, and students. Entry free to the public, more information about participation coming soon!


    DIY Secret Santa: Sunday, December 2 to Sunday, December 16

    This is our special annual maker-happy holiday gift-giving extravaganza — if you’ve never taken part, you definitely don’t want to miss it this year! Participants will receive an assignment of a gift recipient along with the recipient’s answers to a series of irrelevant and ridiculous questions, based on which they will be expected to decide on an appropriate hand-made gift. They will have two weeks and a fixed budget with which to create their gift, which will be presented at a grand unveiling, scheduled for the evening of Sunday, December 16.

    Past years have featured gifts such as an autonomous, robotic laser-pointer-based cat distractor, a completely scandalous set of ceramic coasters, a set of robotic pants, a hand-crafted digestion-themed board game, a Papa Smurf hat that Dmitri still wears, and much, much more.

    Registration surveys and more details will be available in November.


    We hope to see you at the Asylum for one of these exciting events soon!

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