Mission Control: Help Build The First Martian Colony (Ages 10 – 15)

Two-week Virtual Teen Experiences, Monday-Friday from 10AM – 3PM

Mission 1: Launches on June 21, 2021
Mission 2: Launches on July 12, 2021
Mission 3: Launches on August 2, 2021
Registration closes one week prior to launch
Pay what you can afford: $350 – $800 per Mission

Mission Control Seeks

“Mission Control, we need your help!” Calling all junior engineers and roboticists. Are you ready to help build the first Martian colony? Mission Control needs your help to solve challenging engineering problems and program robots to create safe structures for humans. Our astronauts are heading to Mars and we need a crew here on Earth to prototype several designs before passing them along to the Martian team. Your goal will be to help the astronauts complete the first life-sustaining structure on another planet!

During this two-week mission, you will be our go-to team on Earth for discovering solutions for our astronauts building on the Martian terrain. Log in daily to the inter-planetary transmission and from our three Martian Astronauts to help solve their build and robotic challenges. As part of the team, you will receive model building and robotics equipment to test out at home and explore multiple ways to problem-solve for our astronauts. Once you’ve found the solution to their challenge, report back, and tell them how to build it!

Our “pay what you can afford” model allows equitable access for all income levels. If you can contribute more, we encourage you to share so others can join at their affordability level.

What Parents Can Expect

What Students Will Learn

Parents are required to register on behalf of their child. Forms will be emailed requesting more information on the student(s) participating.


Fun With Animatronics (Ages 10-15)

One week Virtual Teen Experiences, Monday-Friday from 10AM – 3PM

Session 1: Starting July 5, 2021
Session 2: Starting July 26, 2021
Pay what you can afford: $100 – $400 per child

We’re looking for some animatronic engineers! Get ready to design your robot to move, groove and do what you tell it to do. You will be making a kinetic creature from your imagination that is controlled by a few simple electronic devices. From start to finish, you’ll have fun creating this moveable robot that can take center stage and steal the show!

During the one-week program, you will learn to use microcontrollers and servos to bring life and motion to your creature. Explore mechanical motion over several lessons using an Arduino and servo controller board. Arduino is easy to learn and opens up a fun world to creature creators, like you!

What Can Parents Expect

What Students Will Learn