What to Look for in 2021 – New Inspiration & More

DATE:  December 22, 2020     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Classes, Community, Current Classes, Education, Events, Speaker Series, Fundraising, Get Involved!

Dear Community,

Artisan’s Asylum has always been poised to adapt to a changing landscape and is primed to take on 2021 with as much gusto as ever. While we’re all ready to put the pandemic behind us, we remain limited by public health restrictions on classes and gatherings. 

But that’s not holding us back!

With new virtual classes, new staff, new speakers and new inspirational opportunities for students, there’s a lot to look forward to this coming year.

New Virtual Classes
Artisan’s has brought on a number of new instructors that are excited to teach some innovative classes in 2021. From making jewelry in your home studio to learning Fusion 360, we’ve got an exciting suite of new virtual classes to keep you busy and creative throughout the winter.

Inspiration Series & Creative Connection Virtual Meetups

While “third places” are closed or limited to the public, creative opportunities have had to shift to virtual. Artisan’s is creating more opportunities to bring people with common interests together to participate in some of our new online sessions for those interested in electronics, e-bikes or who need help and encouragement for Fusion 360.

Additionally, we’ve relaunched our Speaker Series and made sure to adjust it for the current times. The new Inspiration Series kicked off this month with Experiments and Explosions: How YouTube Inspires Curiosity about Science with talks by Artisan’s Asylum’s own Bob Pflugfelder (AKA Science Bob) and Jacob LaRocca, who were integral to the behind-the-scenes experiments that went into making a Devil’s Toothpaste Explosion worthy of a Guinness Book of World Records win. 

Woodworking artistry of Milton Mizell

On February 16th, join us to hear from Milton Mizell, a woodworking artist that captivated us in his use of unique patterns and symbolism using wood. This virtual session will help to inspire those looking to connect to their past or share deeper meaning through their own medium. The February presentation is free, and anyone can sign up to take his Using SketchUp to Design Wood Inlays and Veneers virtual course offered on March 2nd for a discounted registration fee.

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Learning Pathways Series
Join us in celebrating our students! In this upcoming series that will be published to our YouTube, you’ll get to hear more about the learning pathways many of our students have taken through classes, collaborations and connecting with Artisan’s. Hear from Skunk about how the Online Circuit Hacking Meetup helped him make a mobile phone controlled rocket ship!

Skunk using the TIG welder for one of his many projects. Photo by Ronny Preciado

Staying Safe: COVID Safety Protocols for On-Site Group Classes in 2021
The safety of our community, members, and instructors is our greatest priority and Artisan’s has met this challenge by keeping our facility COVID-free in 2020. For all multi-session classes in 2021, we are asking all participants to commit to a reduced level of activity leading up to and during these classes, so that you and your classmates stay as safe as possible. We will offer several classes with multiple sessions that will run over two or more consecutive days, so that participants can limit their exposure and complete the classes in one or two weeks. Classes will also end before 9:30PM to ensure students can leave and meet any curfew guidelines that may be in effect. 

For all classes that run in our Tyler Street or Holton Street spaces, please be sure to:

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Adhere to social distancing rules
  • Be aware that your class has capacity limits to ensure your safety
  • Limit your activities leading up to and during the class sessions so that you and your classmates stay safe

Artisan’s to Allston in Fall of 2021
And the biggest change for 2021, is our planned move to Allston. Throughout the spring, we will be working on collaborative partnerships with groups around Boston to increase programming for teens, families, and youth near our new home. But to do this, we still need your help. Consider donating time or money to our cause. And look for updates from Artisan’s about shop closures during the summer as we prepare for our move. 

 Let us know what you’d like to see in 2021!
We’re working on some new projects but we want to hear from you. What do you think about drone building and racing? What about adding new AR & VR classes? What classes do you want to take, or what classes do you want your children to take with us? 

Let us know how Artisan’s can tap your inner maker, engage your family or positively impact your community. Reach out to us here and give us your thoughts.


Anne Wright

Anne Wright, Education Director