Welcome Daniel Callahan, ArtisansXResidency in May, June 2021

DATE:  May 7, 2021     CATEGORIES:  Somerville Media Center Partnership

Daniel Callahan (www.danielcallahan.com) is a multimedia artist, filmmaker and designer. We are thrilled that he has joined the small and visionary group of Artisans’ X Residency artists. Merging a legion of disciplines including painting, digital photography, film, music, writing and performance, Daniel works to craft immersive experiences that incorporate story, ritual, and the human form to explore aspects of resilience and mysticism.

During his residency at Artisan’s Allston Annex, Daniel will begin the development of a one-man transmedia performance piece tentatively entitled, “Come On In – Live.”

Daniel has identified three main goals for his residency, which are:

1) To create space and time to collaborate with my creative community.

2) To perfect a new hybrid storytelling technique that utilizes music, film, and theatrical performance to create a fully unique, immersive, and participatory experience.

3) To inspire sincere and honest conversation, confrontation, and community building around the issues of mental illness, capitalism, racism, art, and spirituality through the culture and medium of HipHop.

Daniel’s project will entail writing and producing a solo performance piece that includes a musical score, projection-mapped video, and light and sound design. The production will require the construction of movable free-standing doors. Personnel will include a co-director, carpenter, lighting designer, projectionist, musical director, live three-piece band and videographer.

“The ambition, scope and technological demands required to realize this vision make it a perfect partnership between my creative network and the seasoned and gifted artisans and technicians of Artisan Asylum.”

Daniel Callahan, in his proposal to the Asylum

Learn more about Daniel, his work, and his leadership in community at: www.danielcallahan.com

ArtisansXResidency was envisioned as space for creative sharing. Recognizing that the pandemic has imposed severe limitations on expansive artistic risk-taking and production, the residency provides artists living or working in Allston-Brighton with space to create. We also aim to surround the artists with creative support from our staff and community of nearly 600 makers. The residency provides 24/7 access to a 2,500 SF studio environment in Lower Allston, with a 500 SF set-aside for working larger than many artists are able to from home. All residents receive 6-months of free membership at our Somerville location. A modest stipend is intended to cover any costs associated with the artists creative production.

ArtisansXResidency is supported by the many generous members of Artisan’s Asylum and the Harvard Allston Public Realm Flex Fund.