The Inmates are Designing the Asylum

DATE:  May 5, 2010     CATEGORIES:  News

Alright, my friends… so it begins.

We want to start operating June 1st, and there is an INCREDIBLE amount of work to be done between now and then if that’s going to be even remotely possible. It’s easy to get lost in the sheer amount of fabrication that needs to get done, but before any of that can happen the entire space needs to be designed down to each and every wood screw.

Therefore, we are dedicating this entire next week to a number of intensive design sprints, which will be specifically formulated to produce results that can be acted upon immediately. These will take the form of 3-hour-long work sessions with a number of skilled members of the community. There will be a design session for each type of space that we want to deploy (metalworking, woodworking, electrical fabrication, cleanworking, cooking, and more), an architectural design session to pull all of the requirements into one design, and then an all-encompassing mechanical design session to take the architectural concepts to manufacturing plans. All sessions will take place at the Asylum.

Oh yes. It’s going to be incredibly intense.

So here’s the deal. Events have been created for each design session to keep track of who’s planning on coming, and they will be listed below. Please RSVP accurately (“Maybes” are strongly discouraged) via Facebook, email, or comments, and invite skilled friends who you think would be assets to the specific efforts listed.  Thank you, and hope to be working with you soon.

Metalworking Space Design (5/8/10, 10AM-1PM):

Woodworking Space Design (5/8/10, 2PM-5PM):

Machine Shop Syllabus Design (5/8/10, 6PM-9PM):

Cleanwork Space Design (5/9/10, 10AM-1PM):

Kitchen Space Design (5/9/10, 2PM-5PM):

Information Technology and Web Presence Design (5/11/10, 7PM-10PM):

Business and Financial Structure Design (5/12/10, 7PM-10PM):

Electrical Fabrication Space Design (5/14/10, 7PM-10PM):

Internal Architecture Design (5/15/10, 10AM-1PM):

Mechanical Design of the Entire Asylum (5/15/10, 2PM-?):

Please sign up for those sessions that you feel inspired and qualified for, and we hope to see you soon.

If you want to be made of ABSOLUTE AWESOME, feel free to cook or provide food/drink at the start of any of the sessions listed. They all either end or begin around mealtimes, and I’m sure everyone would love you forever if you brought them sustenance.