How to Make a Makerspace: Technocopia

DATE:  September 15, 2016     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Make a makerspace

Technocopia staff

The Technocopia team at the grand opening. The author is the fifth from the right.

Artisan’s Asylum’s Make a Makerspace outreach program has supported Massachusett’s newest makerspace, Technocopia over the last year. We were thrilled to be able to offer guidance and comradery throughout the process of starting a makerspace in our home state. We were even more thrilled to see all their hard work pay off at their grand opening last month. Here is a bit more about their space and programs from co-founder Nick Bold.

By Nick Bold

Technocopia enjoyed celebrating our Grand Opening August 4th. This event marks the beginning of an all new Technocopia made up of cooperative local maker communities and their businesses. The primary partners include the original Technocopia group (tech/hackers and other misfits), Ian Anderson’s Woodshop (A wood working and metal working cooperative), and the Worcester ThinkTank (STEAM education with offerings for home-schooled and after-school students).

Technocopia has grown a lot in our three years, and there have been some major changes in the last year. We raised money with IndieGoGo, and private donations, to move into our new 11,500 sq. ft. location at the Printer’s Building at 44 Portland St, Sixth Floor in Worcester. We received our first large state grant through MassDevelopment which helped us purchase new machinery and major renovations to our space.

So, if you are in the area, Technocopia holds weekly Open Hacks & Crafts events on Thursday nights starting at 7:30, where people are free to tour the space, show off, and get help on their projects. Come check out our new tools and shops, adult and youth educational offerings, and large community of tradesmen, educators and entrepreneurs.

Technocopia grand reopening

Technocopia celebrated their opening last month. Artisan’s staff members, Jess Muise and Derek Seabury were in attendance.