Staff & Board

Current Staff

Tom Vancor – Facilities

my imageTom holds a diverse background in design, engineering, business, and sociology. His past experience includes engineering work and design, programming, web design, and project administration. He has also sat on the board of directors at MakeIt Labs, a makerspace in southern NH. As the Facilities Manager at Artisan’s Asylum, Tom’s goal is to guarantee the organization’s capabilities are well maintained, in terms of maintaining existing infrastructure, providing organizational support to shop leads, and providing assistance in community coordination activities.

Phone: 617-284-6878 x 108 | Email: facilities@

Office Hours: Mondays 4-6pm, Fridays 1-3pm, and by appointment. Sign up here!

Kate Gormley Education

Kate is honored by the opportunity to be augmenting the Artisan’s Asylum team managing its Education Program. Her administrative skill set has supported, amongst other things, an investment banking firm, a community newspaper conglomerate’s ad traffic desk, and a neurorehabilitative robotic company. Working in the food and beverage service industry helped hone her ability to be flexible and an affinity for the wearing of many hats. She has relished the opportunity to get to experience the skills and knowledge of many of A2’s instructors by taking their classes: learning how to work in jewelry, watercolor, fiber arts, and screen printing have been some of the highlights.

Phone: 617-284-6878 x 105 | Email: teach@

Office Hours: Tuesdays 7 – 9pm and by appointment. Sign up here!


Timothea PhamCommunications and Outreach

After being a part of the Artisan’s Asylum team for her Northeastern University Co-Op, she is excited to be returning as a part of the staff. This will allow her to further support the staff by helping them with accounts, internal and external communications, events, outreach and whatever needs to be done to help Artisan’s run smoothly. Timothea has previously worked in estate liquidation, law, education support overseas, fashion, and arts administration all fields that she has learned a great deal from. Now a recent graduate from Northeastern University, she wants to continue to follow her passion of helping working people achieve a higher quality of life whether that be through the arts, community organizing, or through other means.

Phone: 617-284-6878 x 107 | Email: timothea@

Office Hours: by appointment.

Ed ThomasBookkeeping

For twenty (20) years Ed has worked as a nonprofit finance and operations professional, assisting Boston area community-based and nonprofit organizations to fulfill their unique missions and meet their financial and operational goals. As part of his personal mission in this regard, he is happy to be here working with Artisans Asylum. He has worked with organizations in areas such as early education and care, sexual assault, global health, and civic engagement as well as faith-based organizations. Before his work with nonprofits, Ed was a broadcast and audio engineer for local public radio broadcasters WBUR, WGBH, and MonitorRadio. Additionally, he was Senior Recording Engineer for Bose Corporation’s AV Production group. Ed recently moved with his wife Katharine to North Leominster, after raising four children as Cambridge residents. Ed and Katharine are proud grandparents to six with one more expected early in 2018. Ed is a fan of spending months, days and countless hours with small home renovations projects involving bricks, stones and sand as well as the occasional kitchen and bathroom renovation. In his spare time, Ed enjoys travel to areas where the food is tasty and the wines cold!


Current Officers

Ted Sirota, President, Director (-2019)

Ted is an avid maker. He spends almost all of his time at the Artisan’s Asylum. When he’s not making something awesome, he’s working hard on improving the project that is the Artisan’s Asylum. As president Ted’s main goal is improve the overall experience of the membership. Whether that means hosting more events, fixing broken machines, or simply sitting down and listening to what people have to say. The president’s role is to connect the membership to the staff, the board, and the community at large. If you’ve got ideas about how to improve the Artisan’s Asylum feel free to let him know.

Email: president@

Office Hours: Thursday 6 – 10 pm and by appointment.

Tom Lynch
, Treasurer

Tim Butterworth, Secretary

Tim has been coming to the Asylum since 2012, and has been a member since 2014. He became secretary because in that time A2 has come to be a community which matters so much more to him than a mere workshop ever could. As Secretary, he has have four priorities. First, he hopes that timelier completion of board minutes will go a long way towards keeping everyone on the same page. Second, he’d like to describe the board’s progress in an easily digestible format published sooner than minutes can be approved. Third, he’d like to (with the help of some clerks) have minutes taken or reports made at as many special meetings, town halls, or committee meetings as possible. Finally, he’d like to make himself available as a mediator for any meetings or discussions which would benefit from an impartial voice. 

In short, he’d like to use the platform of Secretary to respectfully present all of our voices in a neutral way so that we can debate ideas rather than people. 

The Artisan’s Asylum Board of Directors is responsible for keeping Artisan’s Asylum fiscally and legally sound. The board generally addresses ends policies and governance.

More information on current directors and board activities available On Our Wiki.

Current Directors

Rachel O’Neil, Board Chair (-2018)

When I’m not climbing rocks (or walls) you can find me at Artisan’s Asylum refurbishing home décor & furniture. I am inspired to bring out the best in home furnishings, keep quality furniture out of the waste stream, and personalize your living space. The moment I discovered Artisan’s Asylum, I immediately felt like I belonged. As soon as I walked through the door, I felt welcomed by a judgment-free zone. Thank you for welcoming me! I aspire to serve the community and see Artisan’s Asylum sustain into the future for others to benefit.

My daytime superpowers include guiding organizational culture, coaching others to success, and solving workplace dilemmas. I have over 10 years as a Human Resource practitioner working with business leaders at all levels of the organization. I am a New Englander at heart and proud to be supporting Boston’s Innovation Economy.


I welcome you to help me celebrate my favorite holiday, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, every 19 September. Pirate jokes are the best!

Michael Shia (Elected 2016)

Jon Card

Chris Otey