Studio & Storage Space

Space for Collaboration

We offer two kinds of space: studios and project and material storage (use of all workshops and tools is included with membership). You must have an active monthly membership to rent space at Artisan’s.

Studio Workspaces
Our workspaces are designed for members looking for a long-term home base for their work at Artisan’s Asylum, and come in sizes of 50, 100 and 200 SF.  Studio spaces can be “licensed” on a month-to-month basis; one month’s fees are required to begin a lease. The cost of studio space is inclusive of monthly membership.

Floor Plans

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Why our members rent space here

“Here is a place to prepare yourself with real do-ers, the kind of people that you wish you were. Putting yourself at A2 is a way to put yourself in a place where you are most likely to succeed. Put all your tools and assets around you so that you’re set up for success instead of failure. A basement garage with a couple of tools is great. This place is damn near amazing.”

“I could locate my business elsewhere, but nowhere as cool or inspiring. Truly, I feel good every time I walk in the door of this place.”

“Having a workspace means being touched by random acts of creativity”

Project & Material Storage

Project & material storage and flex space are often readily available. If you’re interested, book your storage space as an add-on fee to your membership.

*This is on hiatus until we finish construction and open to the public

Shelf and pallet storage spaces are designed for members who don’t need a whole studio space, are prepared to do all their fabrication in the shared shops, but just want a place to drop and store their supplies and personal tools when they’re done working in the shops. They are ideal solutions for storage of short-term projects. *Storage that is left unused for more than 30 days may be disposed of. We also have limited rack and sheet storage available for raw materials including metal stock and plywood.

*This is on hiatus until we finish construction and open to the public

Studio and Storage Rates

Space Type
Cost per monthMembership Required
Normal Dimensions
Shelf Space$40Unlimited, Studio3′ x 2′ x 2′
Locker Space$20Day, Unlimited, Studio2.5′ H x 16″ W x 15″ D
Sheet or Long StockN/ADay, Unlimited, StudioVaries
Pallet$60Unlimited, Studio40″Wx48″L, or 13 sqft
Workspace$3.40/sq ftVaries based on studio sizeVaries

Rentals may be canceled at any time; please note that partial fees and balances will not be refunded. If you no longer wish to continue your rental, please manage your add-ons using the member portal.

*This is on hiatus until we finish construction and open to the public