Somernova Begins Tactical Urbanism Experiments

DATE:  October 19, 2018     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Community, Get Involved!, Infrastructure, News, Outreach

Some of you will recognize “Somernova” as the brand for the 7-acre campus of which we are a part. Rafi Properties, new owners of the campus and partners in our future, are using ‘tactical urbanism‘ as a way to engage tenants and the public in design ideas for the future of the campus. And things are just warming up! Here is their first invitation to get involved — this is a wonderful opportunity to influence the direction, texture and experience of our home. Enjoy.

The alley from Tyler Street to Aeronaut Brewing is expected to be the first site of Somernova tactical urbanism experiments in the coming weeks.

We’re excited to test out several ideas the groups brainstormed during our walkabouts and discussions. We’re moving to take advantage of various holiday festivities coming up, so are working quickly to source materials and prep for the first installation… next week!

Next Steps – Big Picture
We are prepping for a three-month demonstration pilot based on three themes that emerged from our workshop: seating, lighting, visual interest. To measure our hypothesis that these enhancements will increase the Urban Quality Criteria we researched in the workshop (comfort, protection, and enjoyment), we will be collecting data on use of the space as well as feedback from users before and after the installation. Before a second iteration of the installation before the December holidays, we will likely decide to adjust or iterate on the design according to the feedback and data.

Next Week! Join the Installation Team (even for an hour!)
In order to set up the space, we’re looking for a team of 4-12 people to help string lights, move furniture, and coordinate other installation elements next Thursday, October 25 between 10am-3pm, and Friday October, 26 between 1pm-6pm. 

Please sign up for whatever time works for you using the form here and we’ll be in touch with more information soon! If there is another time that will work better for you or your group (maybe a team of coworkers?), let me know and I’ll see what we can do. Feel free to forward this to any colleagues who would be interested in getting involved as well.