Senior Project at Artisan’s by Joe Terwilliger

DATE:  February 4, 2016     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Friends of Artisans, Volunteering

“Hi, my name is Joe Terwilliger. I am a Senior at Dexter Southfield School in Brookline and for my Senior project, I volunteered at Artisan’s Asylum. The Asylum impressed and inspired me with both its engineering and artistic aspects of the maker-space. From the billion dollar CNC plasma cutters to the ceramic 3D printers to the vast welding, woodworking, glass blowing and soldering shops, Artisan’s had every possible tool for any project.

In addition to the infrastructure, Artisan’s Asylum also provides the right atmosphere for being creative and hardworking. The members, volunteers and administrators of the Asylum are all proud of the Asylum; they truly think of it as a home. I found that members were eager to share what they were doing and also showed genuine interest in my own personal project.

Derek, one of the administrators often stopped everything in the middle of his very busy day to help me debug some of my code. The creativity is literally off the walls with donated sculptures and paintings. Like their personalities, the people’s dress code was unique and outside the box. The social area in the middle of the Asylum was buzzing with activity. You would mostly find people sharing their ideas and their passions. The product of the infrastructure, creativity, and enthusiasm yielded some very cool results.”

Only at Artisan’s Asylum can you find a sculpture of Amoeba that actually reacts when you walk by and wiggle as if there were actually a wave going through it. I also thought that the Hexapod was one of the most interesting projects I had ever seen. Every day of the two weeks I spent at the Asylum had something I was never expecting. Whether it is a life size Velociraptor sculpture or a blow-torched marshmallow snack, there is always something new and fresh going on. Overall, I would recommend touring Artisan’s Asylum to anybody who is interested in engineering, art, or really anybody who wants to see some really cool stuff.”

Thanks Joe!