SCUL and Skunk’s 500th Mission!

DATE:  October 16, 2018     CATEGORIES:  Community, Membership


The Origins of SCUL

A Letter From the Admiral, Skunk

The spark that started SCUL was quite tiny. I had discovered CHVNK666 and was scouring their website as often as I could. My brother chopped a Schwinn Corvette. We put long forks on little ships and slid them around in the Allston snow. I was working at an ice cream store and didn’t know much about tools, let alone welding. I worked as a finisher at Merlin Metalworks. I designed SCUL’s first ship, Abandon All Hope, and begged Terminator S to do some machining and Gassy D to to the welding. One day human Gwyn Jones, the president of Merlin Metalworks back then, said in passing “You’re artistic: you should learn how to weld”. I made a couple of ships. I tried to start this gang called ‘Flying Donut’. I even manged to trick a few friends into joining me in terrorizing a few car-free Sundays on Memorial Stardrive. It didn’t take long to realize the real adventures were to be found at night and on the street. I built The Four Choppers of the Apocalypse, as well as the Seven Deadly Choppers of SCUL. A few hardcore believers came regularly, and our fleet grew. 

We began routine night patrols of the local starsystems, slowly evolving our tech and increasing our range over the seasons. Chopper centuries became went from a crazy idea, to an accomplishment, to a yearly tradition. Artists, teachers, nerds, mechanics, dreamers, dodgers, and doers get together and thrived on a regular basis.

We rode to rock for many seasons. We switched over our special blend of Funk, Groove and Disco we now call ‘Chopper Groove’ — and it changed us. We stopped trying to be bad-ass and started trying to be the good guys. We started high-fiving people. Our numbers grew. Bangor and Providence divisions came and went. (Starchasers and SCUL Prime are the two divisions active today)

I moved around a lot, and SCUL lived in whatever basement I was living in. More on this later. After fifteen years, an invitation to become entwined with the Artisan’s Asylum was a dream come true.

SCUL has evolved into an amazing entity, and twenty years is a lot to try and put on paper. Fortunately the early days of documenting everything never stopped, so it’s all on record. I invite you to try a random sampling of mission reports, ship descriptions, and pilot profiles; for a genuine sampling of SCUL culture and history.

Skunk Day: Episode 500 – A New Hope

Skunk’s actual orbital day and 500th official SCUL mission.
We planned a tiny wrinkly peanut route, swinging back to the old launchpad to eject early birds. There were lots of them! Backsliders and supermaggots abounded as Beezwax, Fixie and Bendy joined us, as well as Tartheis, doppelson, and Civitron of the Starch Acer division. We knighted TurboHoney, also of the Acers, in a ceremony which proved that Civitron does not knight nearly enough pilots and also did not do his space homework.

In the Cambridge System we made a brief playground stop, in which a few brave pilots encountered a truly foul porta-potty and lived to tell the tale. Barely though — among other deliquescent and deadly facts, it was proven that Bane Thunderwolf is easily capable of lifting a full porta-potty WITH CIVITRON IN IT.

As we were obtaining snax savory and un, Cloudbuster’s core was found depleted to 8V, likely due to the 200ly spacewarp it went through last week. 3spd Macgyvered one of Trinity’s cores into its junction box, while eXceSs helped transfer some of its hull plating so that Trinity would not be undefended from space attacks. The groove continued; the groove is king.

After looping back to the launchpad we proceeded to Grackle for a little restful Medford atmosphere and enjoyment of fine indigenous artwork. Rad Max ejected forcefully then ran out of zoobs and burned up. No buns were in evidence.

Crowdsurfed Skunk, picked up Cloudbuster for a short flight off this surly planet, closed the mission without incident. Honk parade tomorrow, for those who dare!

It was a milk run, it was a miracle. SCUL remains, an organized battalion of funk, giving us all the chance to be the superhero version of ourselves. Here’s to the glory of missions past, and more to come. Honor to our Admiral and Supreme Dictator, and thanks Skunk for letting us play at your fort! We love our gang.

PS: bicycle

Watch the video here!