Project Hexapod

DATE:  May 3, 2012     CATEGORIES:  Robotics

You may have seen a robotics class get posted recently in our April classes listing called Robotics Intensive: Rideable Hexapod. The goal of the class was to have 15 students build a 2,500+ pound, rideable 6-legged robot over the course of 4 months. The class is taught by three professional roboticists; Gui Cavalcanti (President of Artisan’s Asylum), James Whong, and Dan Cody.

Thus far the class has met 3 times, and is well underway building test rigs, programming robot simulations, and more. They just put up a blog entitled Project Hexapod, which will document their progress over the course of the project. Their goal is to make as much of the documentation and information open source as possible, including presentations, plans, schematics and more.

Most importantly, though, Project Hexapod just named the robot “Stompy” and released their first round of concept art. Check this out:

Meet Stompy

Stompy will be over 2,500 pounds, will be powered by a 135 horsepower forklift engine, and is expected to be over 15 feet in diameter (which is about a lane of traffic and a half).

Almost immediately after they posted the concept CAD images, Stompy was covered by Boing Boing, Wired, Hackaday, BostInno, and a slew of other media outlets. Holy cow. Be sure to check out and follow their blog at Project Hexapod!