Programming the Arduino

DATE:  August 15, 2010     CATEGORIES:  Class Description, Electronics, Programming

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Cost: $120 + $3.99 ticket fee

In this class, students of all levels will learn how to program an Arduino microcontroller. An Arduino is an easy-to-learn open source microcontroller that takes all sorts of sensor inputs, follows user generated programs, and outputs data and power to the world. Arduinos are commonly used in robotics, mechatronics, and all manners of electronics projects around the world, and are supported by a huge community of people. This class will specifically focus on how to program an Arduino to accomplish tasks, and will not touch on circuit design or component selection.

Purchasing admission to this class also admits students to the Artisan’s Asylum Robotics & Electronics theme night (Mondays, 7 PM-10 PM), where students will be able to practice their newfound skils with experienced instructors on-hand to answer questions and help students with projects.

Class Goals:

The goal of this class is to teach students how to write, debug, and transmit programs to Arduinos from their own computers.


None. No experience with programming or electronics required.


Students will purchase microcontrollers and supplementary cabling from the instructor (around $30) on the first day of class. Students will need access to a programming computer at home, and it is preferred (but not required) that they bring a laptop to class. 5 laptops are available to be borrowed during classtime.

Instructor Biography: David Stokes

David Stokes

David Stokes has been using the Arduino for several years. In the past, he’s taught or assisted in teaching several classes, including programming and computer animation. More recently, he was responsible for training the rest of a video game company’s art department in new tools and development techniques.

Class Times:

Session 1: 9/5/2010, 6 PM – 8 PM @ 13 Joy St, Somerville MA

Session 2: 9/12/2010, 6 PM – 8 PM @ 13 Joy St, Somerville MA

Session 3: 9/19/2010, 6 PM – 8 PM @ 13 Joy St, Somerville MA

Session 4: 9/26/2010, 6 PM – 8 PM @ 13 Joy St, Somerville MA

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