Private Classes

Individualized and customized group instruction at the Asylum

To schedule a private class or corporate offsite, email Education Director Anne Wright at teach@artisansasylum.com

The following teachers are available for the following private classes listed:

Electronics and Robotics

Franklin Reynolds: Introduction to the Raspberry Pi

Richard Driver & Mike Beach: Robotics 101


Illana Krepchin: Anondizing Titatium, Pulse Arc Welding

Laurie Berezin: Silver Work, Jewelry Shop Tools Review


Brendan McGuirl: Basic MIG, CNC Plasma Table


Sal Mancini: Tablesaw Fundamentals, Wooden Lathe

Francisco Leon: Furniture Building


Aaron Grossman: Metal Lathe

Damian Ward: Bridgeport Mill

Digital Fabrication

Joe Strinka: Introduction to 3D Printing, Advanced 3D Printing, Intro to Machine Learning

Joseph Gabay: Introduction to 3D Printing (Weeknights)

Rebecca Knepple: Introduction to 3D Printing (Weekends)

Laser Cutting

Tom Vancor: Introduction to Black Cat Lasers

Bike Shop

Nick Anastasia: Guided Bike Tuneup


Sarah Dudek: Intro to Screenprinting, Multi-Color Screenprinting

Prop Shop

Jacob LaRocca: Vaccum Forming

Photo Shop

Bill Morse: PhotoShop 101

General Instruction

Doug Ruuska: Intro to Mat Cutting