Doug Ruuska serves as Technical Director to the teams, providing design and fabrication support in the manufacture of custom tools and processes for PPE production. If Doug was in the circus he’d be a lion tamer; around here he keeps our machines in line.

Sarah Miller is the Isolation Gown team co-lead, providing day-to-day leadership in the design of the gown, materials selection and sourcing, and production. This includes volunteer training and support. Using voice-to-text Sarah is able to simultaneously cut four inches of fabric while ordering more.

Jay Pastry Queen is the Isolation Gown co-lead, providing leadership in pattern-making, assembly process design and documentation, and assembly of the gown. In two weeks she has tamed an ultrasonic bonder, which has become her new best friend.

Nik Lal helms the team responsible for the design and production of reusable face shields. This includes the design of parts, selection of materials, onsite production of parts and assembly. If he’s not designing medical equipment, he just might be the guy who whipped past you on a custom rebuilt retrocycle with electric assist.

Michael Shia leads the team responsible for the production of disposable face shields, including sourcing of materials, parts-making, and final assembly of the product. Michael’s the Jack Kerouac of making, a machine in his hands is pure poetry – motorcycles too.

Tim Butterworth leads a team of designers, machinists, and advisors through material sourcing and manufacture of surgical masks. He and his team have designed a pleating and joining tool line that makes the production of high quality surgical masks a reality for maker spaces. In another world he is Lucius Fox to Batman.
Want to produce masks in your community? Contribute to Tim’s open source project here

Our work is made possible through many individual donations and the support of our partners