Make a Donation In Support of Our Community PPE Work

Artisan’s has been able to remain open and active on an exceedingly limited basis, working exclusively to fill gaps in local PPE supply. We are deeply grateful for all our members who are maintaining their membership and studio payments in spite of an uncertain future. This helps us to meet our monthly expense obligations.

Our first production run of 900 face shields took place on March 23. Since then we have worked to improve operations, expand production capacity and diversify the solutions that we can offer to the community.

There remain many unmet needs during these months of uncertainty.

Artisan’s Asylum is asking you to help us raise $50,000 in April to keep on making.

The Asylum is not relying on the sale of PPE to cover all of our costs, for at least two reasons. First, we’re not an industrial manufacturer with optimized production; we can’t compete with wholesale prices for most goods. Second, we want our PPE to be available to the full range of needs in our community, regardless of any health organization’s ability to pay. While we can’t give our PPE away, we’d like to keep our prices affordable for all.

We need your help to make up the difference.

So far we have been able to raise about $22,500 toward this work. Here is how those dollars will be spent:

Equipment & Supplies, $10,000
Cover the costs associated with new (to us) equipment and processes required to produce PPE, from fabric cutters to impulse sealers.

Bulk Materials, $20,000
To scale up the production of PPE we must pay up front for significant purchase and shipping costs.

Volunteer Care, $10,000
Personal protective equipment, sanitary supplies, meals and snacks to ensure or awesome helpers stay well. We’d also like to be able to offer small grants to those who need them.

Overhead, $10,000
All of our production consumes utilities and adds wear and tear to our equipment that must be covered. Roughly 25 percent of total costs.

Artisan’s Asylum is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit maker space in the heart of Somerville, MA. Our mission is to advance the teaching, practice and culture of making. Learn more about our programs and impact at GuideStar.