Pop Up Photo Studio at Artisan’s Asylum

DATE:  December 3, 2018     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Community, Get Involved!, Membership

For the month of December (and maybe longer if we’re lucky) A2 and some photo nerds are donating Studio space #230 (right behind the emporium) and all the studio camera, lighting, and editing equipment that you’ll need to complete your large and small product photo shoots.


Here’s how to start using the photo studio:

1) Reserve the studio for a maximum of 2 hour slots using the A2 online reservation system  https://reservations.artisansasylum.com/reservations/

2) Contact me as soon as you have made a reservation to arrange for an initial studio and gear orientation (mandatory), and to unlock the studio. I will make every reasonable effort to facilitate inmates shoot needs.

FAQS and important stuff:

1)  The studio is comprised of loaned personal photography gear, so please treat it gently.

2)  Don’t handle the equipment with anything but clean hands. Oils, solvents, paints and adhesives are bad.

3)  Don’t put wet or dirty items in the light box directly on the white floor, or it will ruin the surface.

4)  if you arrive with pics of your (or similar) works that you want to replicate, it will be easier to set up your shots.

5)  The Camera is a Nikon D800 36 megapixel full frame camera that shoots both Raw and jpg images.

6)  The camera is set up to shoot tethered directly into Adobe Lightroom classic CC, so bring a usb3 stick or drive.

7)  The equipment manuals are all available on the desktop of the tethered Mac in the studio.

8)  There is currently no fee to use the studio or gear, but this will likely change.

9)  Please make a donation to help pay for the studio and gear you use so we can have this amenity permanent.

10) If you need someone to shoot for you, consider using the have-it-made list.

11) If something isn’t working, please ask for help.

12) This is a one month trial to facilitate members holiday product and portfolio shoots and to see if there is a need for a permanent studio here at A2, and we’ll be looking at a stable income model like the other shops (classes, reasonable fees, etc). Also, we’re looking for photographers (amateur and professional) who would like to volunteer in the studio to help maintain it and facilitate member usage. If you’re interested, please reach out to me at the below contact info.

Happy Holiday shooting to all my fellow inmates!


For more info, contact Adam Brown:

e: nyaquaman@gmail.com    c: 917-797-2884