Place an order for PPE through the Asylum

Artisan’s Asylum recognizes that the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) is a risk to our local health care providers. We are able to help fill this gap in relatively small orders of the following PPE products:

Reusable and disposable face shields
Specification Sheet: Disposable and Reusable
Minimum order: 50 units

Disposable isolation gown
Specification Sheet

Minimum order: 100 units

Disposable face masks
Specification Sheet: N/A
Minimum order: 500 units

Face mask pleating tool assembly
Specification Sheet: N/A
Single orders accepted

How to Order:

Please note: Artisan’s PPE is intended for healthcare professionals only. If you are a  representative of a hospital or a medical facility, please use the form below.

Our work is made possible through many individual donations and the support of our partners