This Is It, Artisan’s Doesn’t Have A Plan B

DATE:  December 5, 2020     CATEGORIES:  Somerville Media Center Partnership

Now Is the Time to Show Your Support

Artisan’s Asylum is winding down our toughest year and we are preparing for the largest transition in our organization’s history. I really need you with us.

I’ll be brief. Artisans new home is situated next to a quarter million square feet of planned mixed use development. That’s a whole new set of opportunities for our members by 2025, steps away from Artisan’s new home in Lower Allston.

Earlier this week Artisan’s board unanimously approved a long-term lease in one of Boston’s most exciting communities. When our move is complete, we’ll offer affordable access to studios and workshops at an unprecedented scale in the heart of a changing neighborhood. One where there could not be a higher value placed on affordable access to creative community, lifelong learning, and innovative entrepreneurship.

I’m incredibly excited and optimistic about this move. I hope you are too.

As the year winds down, I’m asking for your help to get us there. We’re 1/3 of the way toward our $150,000 campaign goal. We need to raise another $100,000 to cover our expenses.

  • Thats 5,000 gifts of $20.
  • 1,000 gifts of $100.
  • 100 gifts of $1,000.
    …and anything in between.

If successful, Artisan’s will be moving closer to downtown Boston, within the City itself. We’ll be reversing decades of artist outmigration to more affordable spaces farther from their market. We’ll be bringing community-based lifelong learning and entrepreneurial opportunity to a diverse community ripe for investment.

If you have valued our classes, enjoyed an artist talk or our Winter Market, if you’ve spent time with us a member or been inspired by anything we’ve done to nurture creativity as a way of life: please support us now. We need you more than ever.

Thank you so much for your consideration this end of year appeal; I truly look forward to building our future together.


Lars Hasselblad Torres, Executive Director