DATE:  July 10, 2019     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Community, Membership


At the Artisan’s Asylum we believe making should be a family affair! We’ve got exciting technologies and fabrication processes that provide parents and kids with hours of deep engagement. So whether you want to build a bat shelter or cast holiday jewelry, Artisan’s welcomes families to explore the joy of making*. At A2 we prioritize safety! Children under 18 will be allowed to use only a specific selection of our machines with parental guidance, we can offer more information upon request. Membership options for families are as follows:

Unlimited Access | $350mo.

Because making can be better with others, we welcome two life partners with (or without!) your well-behaved children**.  Each family member under 18 must always be accompanied by one or more parent; all tools are to be used by minors under careful parental supervision. Some tools and equipment are strictly off-limits to children under 18 at all times***.

Studio Access | $3.40sf.

It’s like having a garage when you live in an apartment! Studios are a great way for families to maintain a permanent footprint at Artisan’s where you can store and complete projects. Studios are available in 50sf. and 100sf. dimensions.

Shelf Storage | $15/mo.

Extra handy for keeping projects, materials and tools on hand if you don’t have a studio, and keeping your studio clutter-free if you do. Rent any 2’ x 2’ x 2’ storage area month-to-month.

* Couples defining themselves as a family (with or without children) must present proof of life partnership; this can include a joint checking account, marriage certificate, or similar demonstration of commitment.

** Children under 18 must be accompanied by their legal guardian at all times and must never be left unattended at Artisan’s Asylum.

*** This includes powered tools in the wood shop, metal shop, and machine shop. Other equipment such as laser cutters and 3D printers may be operated by parents with their children present.


Artisan’s supports entrepreneurs. We provide flexible access to early stage and mature small companies that need access to a garage environment to build prototypes and small-batch manufacturing and assembly runs. Membership options for companies are as follows:

Unlimited Access | $350mo.

Because innovation never rests. Artisan’s offers 24/7 access for two employees and five (5) day passes each month for additional users. Additional employees can be added to the company account at a rate of $130 per employee. Day pass registration fees are waived.

Studio Access | $3.40sf.

We’ll work to place your studio in close proximity to the tools you use most, and do our best to customize the footprint of your studio to suit your requirements. We’ll make designated spill-over shelf storage space available at no additional charge.

Shelf Storage | $15sf.

Handy for keeping extra materials on hand if you don’t have a studio, and keeping your studio clutter-free if you do.