New Docent Program at Artisan’s Asylum

DATE:  January 24, 2019     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Community, Outreach, Volunteering

To read more about the new docent program at Artisan’s Asylum, please read this document.


At Artisan’s Asylum, we are starting a new “docent program” that will help expand and support the scheduled group tours we welcome to our 40,000 sf. studio and fabrication facility.

Because Artisan’s is a professional arts work environment, we request that all groups tours are booked in advanced. Artisan’s cannot accommodate unscheduled group tours at this time. All tours are led by a trained member docent.

The role of a docent at Artisan’s Asylum is three-fold:

  1. Serve as group tour guides, providing a welcoming atmosphere and serving as Artisan’s “front-line” or main human representatives.
  2. Serve as interpreters of [Artisan’s] member studio exhibitions, helping to give the visitor a deeper understanding and appreciation of the member artwork and role artisan’s plays.
  3. Docents provide marketing support?, providing essential information about membership offerings and limitations, costs and opportunities.


While Artisan’s Asylum is obviously the major beneficiary in this situation, we hope that docents derive direct benefits from the training, membership, and paid opportunities as well as camaraderie provided by the docent program. Docents currently receive:

  1. Deeply discounted $25 Unlimited membership
  2. Group tour honorarium of $50 per tour
  3. $50 credit toward an Artisan’s Asylum class for every month of work
  4. Letters of recommendation

Docents must be members in good standing.

Application Process

  1. Fill out this application.
  2. Our Outreach and Volunteer Manager and team will schedule a short interview with you to follow up.
  3. For scheduled group tours, it is up to the staff and team to decide which docent will be best fit for the tour.


A2 Docent Program

A2 Docent Application