My First Maker Faire

DATE:  August 4, 2016     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Events

by Dylan Citron

A few weeks ago, I volunteered with the Artisan’s Asylum at Boston’s first Mini Maker Faire, held at the Children’s Museum. I had never been to a Maker Faire before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.
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The first thing I did on arrival after stopping by the Artisan’s Asylum booth was take a good walk around. The Faire was split into three large tents, each filled with companies and makers, showing off their particular skill sets. Among the larger names in attendance were Google (handing out sunglasses like party favors), Bose, and Battlebots.

Walking around the Maker Faire was a lot like walking around a toy store as a kid, but if the toy store appealed to every age group, all at once. Even though some booths aimed at a specific age group (ours was set up for adults), the features themselves were captivating to all. Between the hand-sewn stuffed animal faux-taxidermy booth to the dozens of activity stations aimed at teaching children to program or engineer, there was never a dull moment.

Inside the Makerfaire

The view of the Boston Mini Maker Faire from our table.

By the time I returned to Artisan’s booth, I was excited and in a great mindset to talk about what we do. Our booth was lined with projects from dozens of our makers, including but not limited to the 3Doodler pen, sample investment casting models, and a SCUL bike. The bike was especially a large draw, with a good portion of faire-goers stopping to inspect it.

While the Maker Faire itself was incredibly busy and crowded, when it came to approaching our booth, many seemed tentative at first, preferring to watch from a distance than to actually engage us. I found the best and most satisfying conversations were with people who seemed uncertain at first, but slowly realized their interest in us along the way. About after an hour, we had given away a good amount of business cards and I had nearly lost my voice!

It was incredible the support people showed once they realized what our mission was, and I hope to see them all stop by for a tour sometime soon!

Boston Mini MakerFaire

Dylan Citron is a student at Northeastern University and is currently doing his co-op with the Artisan’s Asylum.