Nation of Makers – Mr. Seabury goes to Washington

DATE:  September 1, 2016     CATEGORIES:  Blog, News

We were quite exited to be invited to participate in the Nation of Makers meeting of Makerspace Organizers at the White House last month.

Member Services Manager Jess Muise and I went down to DC excited to share our thoughts based on our experiences at Artisan’s Asylum and the work we have done with hundreds of other folks starting makerspaces of the their own. On the way we stopped to see one such group – OpenWorks Baltimore.


We were super excited to see how things were going for them after working with them over the last few years to put together a plan. Will Holman their GM gave us a tour and it is going to be amazing! If you ever wondered what Artisan’s Asylum would look like with windows…
It was also a chance to meet with our friends at the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation to thank them for their support.  Look for more in an upcoming blog.

Back on the Amtrak line behind OpenWorks and we were off to DC!

After a level of security one might expect we spent the day speaking with folks from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and other government agencies and came away with some great ideas. It was also a chance to meet with representatives from the National Endowment for the Arts and catch up with folks from the Department of Labor that I have given tours to in the past. We’ve already begun laying some groundwork for funding opportunities.

As nice as it is to be recognized for the amazing things coming out of this place and the help we give others I think Jess and I mostly came back excited to see what we can do better and next to help our community continue to grow and achieve even more in the future.

Derek Seabury