Monthly Member Featured Project: Mike Hubert & the Baby Safety Snap

DATE:  February 4, 2019     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Community

Artisan’s Asylum is the home to makers of all kinds, including small business owners. Meet Mike Hubert and read more about his product, the Baby Safety Snap on his website.

The Baby Safety Snap

Mike, tell us a bit about what you make at Artisan’s.

I make product that help drivers remember that they have a baby in car, child in bus and dog in car. The Baby Safety Snap lanyard is bright yellow and has black text that says “BABY IN CAR”. Hanging from the lanyard is a metal piece that will snap in the buckle in baby car seats. It is installed in only one second. When the driver places a baby in the car, they must remove the metal tab on the lanyard from the baby seat buckle to secure the baby. Now, the driver wears the lanyard until the arrive at the destination.

When the driver remembers the baby, they walk to the back seat, remove the lanyard, press the red button on the buckle. The metal tabs on the shoulder straps are ejected and the driver places the metal tab on the lanyard into the baby seat buckle, for the next driver. The baby is removed and everybody is safe. Should the driver forget the baby, the lanyard will remind them. If the still forget, coworkers or family members will see the lanyard and remind the driver that they have a baby in the car. They return to the car and remove the baby, or drive the baby to the destination they forgot (often day cars).

More than 12,000 Baby Safety Snaps have been sold in 2018. Sales are usually to children’s hospitals, pediatricians or others that have their logo printed on the lanyard. Then then give the lanyard to families with children. Similar products are designed to remind drivers of children in buses or dogs in cars. Additional information is available at LoonVentures.com. Use Discount Code “AA” for $5.00 off all products. Shipping always free. Substantial discounts are available for quantity purchases.

Anything else you want to share?

I am a member of the Inventors Association of New England. We usually meet the second Monday of each month at MIT. All are welcome. Visit inventne.com for more info and to confirm meeting time and location. Ask me anything at mhubert@loonventures.com

Mike Hubert