Use Our Tools & Space

Our members have access to an unparalleled variety of design and fabrication facilities within a creative learning community all under one roof.

Membership to Artisan’s Asylum not only grants you access to our facility and all shared equipment (that you are trained and tested on) but also opens you to an incredible community of artists, makers, and innovators. This is the place to be if you want to work near people creating gorgeous sculptures, building giant (or tiny) robots, preparing an art installation, 3D printing fabulous jewelry, or literally reinventing the wheel.

Want to meet our existing members? Check out their profiles and featured projects.

Before registering for membership, we recommend reviewing our tool testing information, our policies and procedures and membership agreement to learn more about what is expected of you as a member of Artisan’s Asylum.

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Monthly Memberships

Monthly memberships offer access to our shared shop areas on a schedule. In addition to access to our shared shops, monthly membership also provides a variety of common amenities and invitation to community events, workshops and product demonstrations. Monthly members are also allowed to host guests in our space, and can rent work and storage space at an additional cost.

Amenities available to Monthly Members:

  1. Access to member-only mailing lists, focused on knowledge sharing and collaboration
  2. Proximity card access during your membership schedule
  3. Social area, kitchenette, and shared coworking space
  4. On-site, off-street shared parking lot and bike racks
  5. Geothermal air conditioning and heating
  6. First floor location with leveled concrete flooring
  7. A tractor-trailer loading dock and floor-level double doors
  8. Mail receiving and small package notifications
  9. Communal pallet jacks, dollies and carts
  10. Opportunities to become part of a diversely minded, but tightly knit community

Note that all of our monthly memberships are only available to persons 18+, are recurring by default and require 30 days notice to cancel.

Rates and Schedules

Membership Cost/month
Rentals Permitted
Weekend Warrior $60 None 10 am -10 pm Shelf, Rack and Sheet Storage
Weekday $100 9 am -7 pm None All storage, 50 sf studio, shared 75/100 sf studio
Nights/Weekends $100 6 pm -11 pm 10 am -10 pm All storage, 50 sf studio, shared 75/100 sf studio
Unlimited $150 24/7 24/7 Any

Subsidized memberships are available to students, the un- or underemployed, and others with demonstrated financial need. Only monthly Unlimited, Weekday, Nights/Weekends and Weekend Warrior memberships are eligible for subsidy consideration.

Corporate Associates Program

Offering access to the Artisan’s Asylum facility as a benefit to their members and employees sets organizations apart in their support of art, creativity and exploration.The program is an exciting way for groups to explore new tools and technologies in a space dedicated to innovation, exploration and education. Learn more about joining our community as a Corporate Associate.


Day Pass Packages

Day pass packages are great for short term projects on your own or working collaboratively in our shops. Each pass is single use and provides access during staffed hours.

Membership Cost Mon-Thurs
Rentals Permitted
Day Pass 5-Pack $85 12 pm – 10 pm 10am – 6pm None
Day Pass 10-Pack $145 12 pm – 10 pm 10am – 6pm None

Monthly membership is not required to purchase daypasses. Day Pass packages expire 90 days after the purchase date and are non-transferable.

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