Member Alums Collaborate on Commemorative Vaccine Pin

DATE:  April 26, 2021     CATEGORIES:  Somerville Media Center Partnership

The Vaccine Victory Pin, the size of a quarter, is made of cloisonne enamel and 14K plated gold.

The Vaccine Victory Pin project was conceived as a tangible expression of hope and positive action after nearly a year of public health uncertainty.  Wearing the Vaccine Victory Pin demonstrates faith in vaccination and willingness to protect others. The pin was developed through the collaboration of Boston Area-based Jeweler, Karen Christians and Muralist/Graphic Designer, Liz LaManche. 

About the size of a quarter, the pin is made of cloisonne enamel and 14K plated gold. Each design element – from the gold framing, to its geometry, down to the color choices of the enamel – were carefully selected through investigation of color psychology, virus structure, and the new visual vocabulary of the pandemic. 

Our hearts are with the overwhelming number of people being affected by this pandemic, and it is very important to us that a percentage of proceeds go to a range of people most in need of assistance right now – our two biggest passions being frontline workers and our close creative communities.

Purchase of this pin raises funds towards the following five charitable organizations: Doctors Without Borders, American Red Cross, Burners Without Borders, Direct Relief, and CERF+.
Wear this striking pin with pride to express your faith in science, your support for the vaccine, and your appreciation for frontline workers.  Vaccine Victory Pins can be viewed and purchased directly through the website