Meet Your Maker: Laurie Berezin of Beryllina

DATE:  September 17, 2018     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Classes, Community, Current Classes, Education, Membership

Meet Your Maker: Laurie Berezin of Beryllina

Find her at Artisan’s Asylum, Space #8.

Nowadays, it’s rare to find jewelers who source their own gemstones and are involved with their creations from start to finish. Meet Laurie Berezin of Beryllina, who is reshaping the meaning of what it means to be an “artisan” in today’s world. Not only does Laurie have a unique connection to her work, she also describes how her jewelry “sparks people’s interest in the outdoors” and ultimately brings awareness to the environment around us.

Growing up in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Laurie describes herself as being “crafty” since a young age. She found herself working a lot with her hands and eventually started making original clothing for a local shop in college. Her journey took her across the country to California, where she ended up taking her first jewelry class. From then on, she incorporated metalsmithing, beading and other types of jewelry making into her daily life.

Laurie made the move to Boston and wound up attending the North Bennet Street School, one of the most renowned artisan trade schools in the US.  At the time, she was working as the Office Manager for a consulting firm, but always recognized her passion for fabrication. After completing the intensive program at North Bennet, she decided to take her jewelry making full-time.

Laurie draws a lot of inspiration from nature and the environment around her. It tends to surprise people that it is possible to find such stunning gems in the surrounding area. Tourmaline, garnet, and “Herkimer Diamond” quartz crystals are only a few of the minerals she incorporates into her jewelry. She also enjoys custom work quite a bit, particularly making wedding and engagement rings. She describes the process as “rewarding” as she is able to work with her customers by incorporating her own “self expression that comes out in the pieces”  with the customer’s vision in order to deliver a meaningful product.

At Artisan’s, Laurie teaches the Jewelry Tool Training and Argentium Silver Earrings courses. She hopes to learn more about enameling on silver and continues to enjoy her time at A2.