Meet Sydney

DATE:  July 17, 2019     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Somerville Media Center Partnership

Sydney first created art as a young kid and hasn’t stopped since.  Sydney lives life creatively by thinking outside the box in all aspects of her life: teaching her dog sign language, in her job as a teacher, and with her art. Sydney is a strong advocate for differently abled people and the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.A. community. Sydney is a newly wed and married to an amazing woman, Sarah. Also, full-time dog mama to a ninety-pound dog(his name is Fenway). By day, Sydney is a teacher for the visually impaired and aspiring chef. By night, Sydney is a boxer, artist, and graduate student. Sydney is going back to school to further her education and receive a degree in Vision Studies so she can learn more about visual impairments. 
Over the past year, Sydney has started her own business called Epochit. Sydney sells cross-stitch, wall art, needle minders, and embroidery creations. Epochit is a shop that produces art that excels at three things: being beautifully functional, spark happiness, and conversation; Sydney aims for all three. Follow her on Insta @epochit8 or find her on Etsy under the store name Epochit

Sydney is psyched to be teaching at Artisan’s Asylum and can’t wait to teach you as well as learn with you. When you see her around, make sure to say hi 🙂
Thank you all for your warm welcome to the Artisan’s Asylum.