Meet a Maker: Cassie Betro

DATE:  September 4, 2018     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Community, Membership

Cassie, what brought you to A2?

“In Clearwater, FL I was pondering my life, as people do, and it was on March 4, 2016 that I made a decision to make my art my first priority in life and elevate it from a hobby to professional status. I began the journey of encouraging myself and making financial arrangements to make this happen all on my own.

Although happy to be painting away in the living room of my two-bedroom-apartment-now-turned-industrial-space, I was missing two quintessential components: 1) The ability to engage with an audience, and 2) being a part of a larger community of artists. In addition to this discovery, I also found a school in Boston that teaches part-time classes in the academic realism tradition, a lifelong dream of mine that had freshly turned 20 years old. A trifecta was born, and I moved to Boston to attend school at the Academy of Realist Art.

It was not long that I found the Artisan’s Asylum after being asked to move out of an apartment because, quote, “You have too many art supplies and we cannot support a commercial enterprise in this living dwelling.” How can you be mad at someone who basically tells you look like a professional artist? #happiestdayever”




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