Maze of Wonder Winter Robotics Challenge

DATE:  January 22, 2020     CATEGORIES:  Community, Robotics

What does a hands-on class involving curiosity, play and problem-solving look like? Our Winter Robotics Challenge with students from Incheon and Kyungmin Universities in South Korea, shows how students can build these skills through robotics and fabrication.

The challenge: Program a robot to solve a real-world problem that humans shouldn’t or cannot do. Then, design and build a model of the environment for the robot to navigate through to demonstrate how it would solve the problem.

During the week-long program, students spent hours learning robotics programming through the help of Sphero EDU, a drag-and-drop program that makes coding accessible to beginners. Once they learned ways to program their robots, they were off creating model environments, through a series of prototyping, where they could show how these robots might save humanity!

Curious to learn more? See how these students programmed, designed and built their projects.

Day 1 – 2: Introduction to Programming Robotics & Drawing and Modeling Environments.

During these two days, students learned to program using Sphero EDU to use built-in sensors to respond to different stimuli. They also brainstormed environments where robots could solve tasks for humans.

Day 3 – 4: Prototyping Environments & Programming Sensors

Students began to prototype their environments using cardboard to build their scale models. At this stage, they also planned how the robots would navigate through the environment and what stimuli they could build into their terrain that the robots would respond to through their sensors.

Day 5 – 6: Build Model of Environments & Project Presentations

In the final sessions, students finished their projects and presented their work to a panel of judges. 

A big thanks to Cambridge Creative Education for their work and partnership with our staff,  universities, and translation. 

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Lead Instructor: Nick Anastasia

Assistant Instructors: Sarah Miller, Sarah Wikman, Alex Crease
Photos: Joseph Shim