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Welcome to MASSdestruction!

Welcome to MASSdestruction!

Welcome to MASSdestruction! The home for robotic combat In Somerville Massachusetts!  In the summer of 2015 a single post by a young man Max Bales on Facebook asking for a place to compete in the Boston area led to this.  In the following months we put together a crowdfunding campaign to get the arena built.  From this arose the Cochran Combat Corral!

We designed the arena using Solidworks and Fusion 360 and ran a class to teach folks metalworking!

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We had our first event on October 10th with 1lb and 3lb robots.  A short write up can be found here. Our second event we added three more categories.  6lb, 12lb Sportsman and Zumo

Check out some video’s here.

How can you compete?

Read over the rules first!  We follow the NERC rules available here.

For Zumo Head to Pololu for a robot base and then check out the rules here.

Competition format will be a modified swiss. Each robot will get a minimum of four matches. At the end of the matches, all robots will be ranked based on the performance during the day and the top four will compete in a single elimination tournament for the championship.
Match SF1 Q1 V Q4
Match SF2 Q2 V Q3
Match 3 Loser SF1 V Loser SF2
Match 4 Winner SF1 V Winner SF2

Additional Awards:

The Judd Award:  This award goes to a volunteer who showed up and volunteered and asked for nothing in return.  They just wanted the event to run better.  Because of them, everyone has a better event.

The Fugitt Award:  Lem was a robot fan at heart.  He was at many robotics events taking photos and just getting people together to share about robots.  This award goes to a robotics champion.  They may not have built a robot or put the most hours volunteering to make the event happen, but made sure to share the event as best as possible.

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The next battle is this Saturday May 6th as a part of Somerville Open Studios!