Manual Precision Metal Machining

DATE:  August 15, 2010     CATEGORIES:  Class Description, Metalworking, Precision machining

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Cost: $200 + $5.99 ticket fee

This class is an introduction to the use of two bedrocks of any metalworking machine shop, the milling machine and engine lathe. Milling machines are used to create metal parts in Cartesian (X, Y, Z) components such as gearboxes and engineblocks, and engine lathes are used to create axially symmetric components like shafts and bolts. Both machines are used by machine shops the world over to create parts with typical tolerances of +/- .002″, and anyone considering machining as a vocation must be well-trained on both.

Purchasing admission to this class also admits students to the Artisan’s Asylum Metalworking theme night (Saturdays, 5 PM-10 PM), where students will be able to practice their newfound skils with experienced instructors on-hand to answer questions and help students with projects.

Class Goals:

The goal of this class will be to introduce students to safe and accurate manual machining practices, getting them to the point where they can safely use the Asylum milling machines and engine lathes.




Students will purchase inexpensive raw materials from the instructor as needed for their projects.

Instructor Biography: Christian Weagle


Christian believes that Keats -almost- got it right: “A thing of 8-1-1(ELI) Titanium with a TIR of 0.0002 and a surface finish of 16uinches (Ra) is a joy forever.”

He wasn’t always this way – but years behind a computer have led him to appreciate the simple but intense pleasure of making a fine, precise artifact by application of skill.  Currently active in the robotics R&D field, Christian uses his skills as a machinist and mechanic as a compliment to his nominal career as an electrical engineer.

Class Times:

Session 1: 9/4/2010, 1 PM – 3 PM @ 561 Windsor St, Unit A306, Somerville MA

Session 2: 9/11/2010, 1 PM – 3 PM @ 561 Windsor St, Unit A306, Somerville MA

Session 3: 9/18/2010, 1 PM – 3 PM @ 561 Windsor St, Unit A306, Somerville MA

Session 4: 10/2/2010, 1 PM – 3 PM @ 561 Windsor St, Unit A306, Somerville MA

NOTE: Last class session skips Saturday, September 25th and resumes on October 2nd.

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