Makerspace Cultural Exchange Residency


Welcome back Drew!

We’re excited to welcome back Artisan’s Asylum member Drew Hatzung, back from his Makerspace Exchange Residency experience in Thailand and Makerspace Thailand. This spring he is sharing what he learned in the upcoming Introduction to Woodcarving class. Stay tuned for details on the schedule for the other half of the exchange.

Here are videos from his talk at Artisan’s this spring along with an onsite video from CNN International about Drew’s experience!


Drew Hatzung – Makerspace Cultural Exchange Residency Program from Artisan Asylum on Vimeo.



Artisan’s Asylum’s Makerspace Cultural Exchange aims to expand opportunities to artists, craftsmen, and makers of all kinds by enabling them to work, learn, and make connections at makerspaces different from their own.

Through this program, grant recipients can widen their artistic and fabrication horizons, broaden perspectives, and enhance personal growth by living and working in a different geographic and cultural setting. By experiencing different methods of learning, creating, and problem-solving through the lens of another culture, the program hopes to create a global context for the journey of an artist.

We still your support to fund the initial $5,000 grant to bring one of Makerspace Thailand’s makers here to Artisan’s Asylum in 2017. Please consider donating here. Thank you!

2016/17 Program – Somerville, Massachusetts and Chiang Mai, Thailand

Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, Massachusetts and Makerspace Thailand in Chiang Mai will send and host one maker from their respective communities. While in residence, each maker will teach a workshop in their specialty medium, while also collaborating with makers from the host workshop to create a project of their design. Special attention will be given to mediums, techniques, and traditional craftsmanship that are not typically found in the maker’s home workshop. Each maker will also spend time exploring their host region, attending arts and cultural events, including Makerfaire Thailand in December 2016 and Somerville Open Studios in April/May 2017.

The Grant Covers

  • Access to Makerspace Thailand
  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Housing
  • Project Materials

Application and Requirements

The application can be found here. The deadline is July 15, with the final grantee selected by August 15.

Applicants must:

  • Be available to travel to Thailand December 1-30, 2016
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a member of Artisan’s Asylum, in good standing
  • Have a passport, or proof of passport application
  • Be willing to learn about different cultures, including etiquette, basic language, etc.
  • Teaching experience is a plus, but not required