Last Chance May Classes…

DATE:  May 1, 2012     CATEGORIES:  Current Classes

Another month gone, but not so your chance to sign up for May classes at the Asylum. We have just a handful that haven’t sold out yet — if you’ve been waffling or waiting, now’s the time to choose one!

Starting Tomorrow

  • Basic Bicycle Maintenance, 2 SEATS LEFT! Wednesdays, May 2-23 — You may know how to ride your bicycle, but if you don’t know how to take care of it you’ll end up losing speed, causing damage, or stranded with a flat tire. Get your bike skills in shape before you hit the road again in the spring!
  • NEW! Ableton Live: Intro to Advanced (Brought to you by CEMMI.) Wednesdays, May 2-30 — A comprehensive course about music composition, track production, and designing performance rigs using Ableton Live 8. In the intro class, students will cover the ins and outs of Ableton and learn all of its core functionality, its common uses, and a couple of uncommon ones. In the advanced class, students will be working with remixing, recording new content, using plugins / Max4Live, and creating plans for individual electronic musicians to get the most out of Ableton Live as a production/performance tool.

Starting Next Week

  • Introduction to Sewing, 2 SEATS LEFT! Mondays, May 7-21 — Learn your way around a sewing machine while making a pair of comfortable drawstring pants. You can learn on our machines or bring your own! The class follows the process from pattern to cutting to pinning, sewing machine basics, to seams and buttons and hems.
  • NEW! Power Electronics (Brought to you by CEMMI.) Tuesdays, May 8-29 — Power Electronics will teach you how to, well, power things! Batteries are extremely handy ways to store energy, but don’t always come at the right voltages — it can be hard to find the 5 volt, 12 volt, or 17.34 volt battery that your project so desperately needs. This class will focus on how to take standard power sources (such as wall power or battery power) and convert them to a useful voltage for your projects!
  • NEW! Metal Soldering for Jewelry & Sculpture, Wednesdays, May 9-30 (Afternoon and Evening sessions available) — Our first course on soldering for jewelry and small metal sculpture! Learn all the fundamentals to making clean, professional-quality seams in small metal fabrication. Students will learn several types of soldering for attachment of bezels for stones, modified and organic prongs settings, T joints, soldering tubing, sweat soldering, pinbacks, earring backs and bales.
  • Introduction to Electronics, Thursday, May 10-31 — A beginner’s course in the theory and practice behind electronics assembly. This class will give you a working understanding of transistors by starting with core physical principles like voltage, current, and charge, and ending with building your own amplifiers and simple digital logic circuits.

Later This Month

  • Metalcasting with Sand, Bone and Water, Saturday and Sunday, May 19 & 20 — Learn to cast with molten metal without all the expensive equipment! In this workshop, you’ll learn to cast 3-dimensional metal pieces using simple and versatile molding methods and organic materials: water, delft clay, and cuttlebone. Students will gain experience carving, molding, casting, and soldering.