Kyungmin University at Artisan’s Asylum: Design Engineering and Cultural Immersion

DATE:  January 31, 2019     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Community, Membership, Programming, Robotics

Kyungmin Students presenting their hot cocoa-making bot!

Earlier in January, Artisan’s Asylum hosted thirteen students from the Kyungmin University in South Korea for an introductory, cross cultural immersion experience in design engineering. During their time here, they spent a bulk of their time ideating, designing, iterating and refining, and prototyping two bots that produced food items using at least two ingredients.

Instructor Mike Beach and student discussing bot design

The Kyungmin students were a wide range of ages from fourteen to twenty two years old. They also had diverse academic and professional backgrounds ranging from business to software engineering. At the end of the program, the students showcased their creations for a large audience. One team created a robot that made pizza. Another team created a robot that could make hot cocoa and instant ramen.

It has been a rewarding experience for our team as we were able to learn about different learning styles and new cultural perspectives. One of our instructors, Mike Beach, describes, “The best thing I saw was when it was time to take a break. Nobody wanted to stop. Everyone was completely engaged and focused on the project, while also having a great time. For me, I was surprised by how much I depend on using puns and jokes in my teaching. Even though these kids were newer to the English language, they were incredibly bright and picked up on them pretty quickly. Overall, I am happy with how successful the program was, especially one as short a six days.

The A2 and Kyungmin Team on presentation day

We want to send a special thank you to the instructors and mentors at Artisan’s Asylum for taking the time to spearhead this program as well as other members of the community who played an essential role during the week. We look forward to welcoming another group of students from the Kyungmin University in July of this year, and can’t wait for the new possibilities.

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You can view some photos taken by Linda Haas here.