Kindling the Spirit of Play and Experimentation at Artisan’s

DATE:  October 19, 2018     CATEGORIES:  Somerville Media Center Partnership

A recent member social surfaced the question, “How can Artisan’s host more events, builds and fun things that members want to do?” Fantastic question that resulted in good discussion. A few key ideas emerged:

  1. Lets’s do better with social promotion via tools like a photobooth; could go a long way toward documentation and generating visibility and buzz around member projects and products. Nuvu Studio was mentioned as a great example of a space with a turn-key solution to this need. Members Don B. and Rebecca K. will be pursuing this, with the possibility of repurposing or at least expanding the use of MPR8.

    The setup at Nuvu Studio (Central Square) was suggested as a great example of social-ready photobooth.

  2. Improve the front reception gallery space; its a relatively easy way to celebrate and improve the visibility of member work to the visiting public. Part of the idea in re-organizing the reception area would be to make it more friendly to rotating exhibits by member- and non-member artists.
  3. Let’s make a commitment to host one public- and community-friendly event per quarter; it could produce two important results: have some fun, and raise our visibility. For example autonomous leg-lamp races, drone jousts, etc. Unclear who is willing to make the commitment to identify and push these events forward, but the idea won many of nodding heads. Who wants to step up? The organization/business-side of the house is definitely willing to help.