Join us and Get Ready for Secret Snowflake at A2!

DATE:  November 27, 2018     CATEGORIES:  Community

From member Barbara Marder:

Hi Inmates,

At least 30 more of you are planning to participate considering last year’s response. Please sign up because it takes time to organize etc! The more the merrier!!!!


It’s Secret Snowflake time again. Please do not reply to the list but only to me, BARBARA MARDER. I will be managing the event this year. If you have not participated in the past, please jump in this year since it’s so much fun!

The deadline to sign-on is

December 13, 2018!

Shortly after that I will email your Snowflake assignment to you. You need to create a handmade gift with supplies costing less than $25. You will deliver your gift (with a clear label naming the recipient) to the snowflake table in the social area no later than Friday, January 11, 2019.  The table will be set up by January 7, 2019.

Here is the schedule events:

Thursday, December 13, 2018-last day to sign up.

Within a week I will email your assignment.

Please email me back “got it”  so I know it didn’t morph into your junk box.

Friday January 11, 2019- last day to deliver your gift to the assigned Snowflake table in the social area.

Secret Snowflake party

Sunday January 13, 2019


Social Area

Snowflake gathering and gift opening.

If you are unable to attend but still want to participate, leave your Snowflake gift on time and I shall save yours to pick up after January 13th. So you can still participate if you deliver your gift ahead of time.

It’s spoils the fun when you fail to deliver you a gift on time so please be mindful of the timeline here!

Please answer the following questions and email them back to me. I will match you to your secret snowflake.

Here are the questions -please reply no later than

December 13th!!!!!


NAME (first and last)-

Favorite shop at Artisans Asylum-

Favorite color-

What is best: coffee or tea?

What is best: day or night?

What is best: bike or boat?

What is best:fireworks or laser light show?