Ironwork Goal Met Thanks to Member Initiative!

DATE:  June 1, 2015     CATEGORIES:  Fundraising, Get Involved!, Infrastructure, Metalworking, Volunteering, Welding







Artisan’s Asylum prides itself on being more than just a great group of makers. We are a community that proactively collaborates, and that constantly strives for improvement. Over the past few weeks, this spirit has manifested itself in a brand new tool for our metalshop: the Ironworker 2. Thanks to a mindful community member who saw an opportunity and seized it, and to countless numbers of donations to realize the potential, all members at Artisan’s Asylum now have yet another means by which to “cut and punch metal with wild abandon”!

Securing this tool required all manner of efforts: communicating with the vendor, organizing donations, coordinating logistics for pickup, physical labor to retrieve the tool, and more. Having all of these efforts led by member involvement iis a shining example of what this community can accomplish. Of course, more work still need to be done — operational procedures, curriculum development, and maintenance instructions all need to be developed. Let the success of the project thus far inspire us to continue to rise to the occasion, and to seek out ways to make Artisan’s Asylum even more accessible and awesome!