Intermediate TIG Welding: Building Jigs

DATE:  August 15, 2010     CATEGORIES:  Class Description, Metalworking, Welding

THIS CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to low enrollment

Cost: $200 + $5.99 ticket fee

This class is an intermediate-level continuation of a welding skill set. In our introductory welding classes, students learn how to join different types of forms and materials. In this class, students will take those skills to the next level to learn how to create precise and accurate weldments using jigs, which are temporary structures designed and fabricated for the sole purpose of accurately positioning metal to be welded together. The instructor will lead students through the fabrication of examples such as a simple welded bike frame, to demonstrate the ability of a proper setup to produce repeatable, accurate weldments.

Purchasing admission to this class also admits students to the Artisan’s Asylum Metalworking theme night (Saturdays, 5 PM-10 PM), where students will be able to practice their newfound skils with experienced instructors on-hand to answer questions and help students with projects.

Class Goals:

The goal of this class will be to have students leave with both a useful and accurate welded structure and the ability to produce such structures at will in the future.


Comfort behind a TIG welding torch; this means students must have the ability to fishmouth, prepare surfaces and TIG weld circular tubes together.


Students will bring a flannel shirt, leather gloves and safety glasses to class. Bringing personal welding helmets is encouraged but not required. Students will purchase raw materials from the instructor as needed for their projects.

Instructor Biography: Skunk


In 1993 Skunk picked up a TIG torch, struck an arc, and produced his first weld puddle (oddly enough, it was in titanium). Ever since, he has been on a relentless mission to transmogrify and personify spark plugs, circuit breaker boxes, reamer blades, typewriters, and the like, helping the little creatures he inherently sees in objects transcend their original purpose. Saw blades are reinvented into angelic wings, tin cans devolve into rose pedals, and a broken clarinet gets a second life as a pirate blunderbuss. No outdated or discarded mechanical devices are safe from joining the parade of fantastic creatures, mighty rayguns, and emotional robots, some of which tip the scales at over 300 pounds.

Skunk is also the Grand Poobah of a bicycle nerd-gang known as SCUL, and works as a professional custom bike builder for Seven Cycles.

Class Times:

Session 1: 9/2/2010, 7 PM – 10 PM @ 13 Joy St, Somerville MA

Session 2: 9/9/2010, 7 PM – 10 PM @ 13 Joy St, Somerville MA

Session 3: 9/16/2010, 7 PM – 10 PM @ 13 Joy St, Somerville MA

Session 4: 9/23/2010, 7 PM – 10 PM @ 13 Joy St, Somerville MA