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Doug Ruuska

Douglas Ruuska is a recovering physicist whose pendulum has swung back, once again, to the realm of art. He has worked at CERN and Fermi Lab, the Antarctic and many, many places in between. He has done such things as DAQ and control coding, stained glass, motorcycle and Landrover repair, Bio-Tech instrumentation design, 1-MeV neutron radiation damage studies to Avalanche Photo-Diodes, photography all over the planet and kinetic sculptures such as his Galaxy, Let’s Go Fly a Bike, Cosmc Praise, House of Enlightenment and Rayactivation for Burning Man, among other things. He once helped a woman give birth on a Brooklyn sidewalk. He tends to stay busy and enjoys good beer very much… For more info about Doug’s work check out: http://www.douglasruuska.com

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