Instructor Spotlight: Brendan McGuirl

DATE:  February 25, 2019     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Classes, Community, Education, Welding

Photo by Adam Brown

Brendan McGuirl is a seasoned metalworking instructor, cross-disciplinary fabricator, and an independent contractor who runs his business, Ursa Concept, out of Artisan’s Asylum! Previously, he has worked as a flour miller, landscaper, stone fabricator, mechanic, welder, and project manager for large-scale commercial construction buildings. With a multitude of experience in different types of fabrication, Brendan is consistently exploring new ways to expand his skills and portfolio.

Originally from Warren, Maine, Brendan grew up with family members who worked in construction. He ended up studying construction management at the University of Maine and eventually got a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire. Brendan found himself becoming more interested in metal fabrication through his growing fondness of automobiles and their restoration processes.

At Artisan’s Asylum, Brendan uses both the metal shop and wood shop to do contracting work mostly for arts schools and art galleries. He describes his projects as anything from wooden pedestals for sculptures to large scale display cases and windows. The cross collaboration that the community at Artisan’s provides has also helped him develop as a fabricator in the metalworking field. As Brendan describes it, he got “roped into teaching” by some members and eventually grew fond of it. When asked about his favorite class to teach, he explained, “Basic MIG welding is my favorite class to teach because people start out with a lot of apprehension and by the end of it, they do it and end up leaving the class feeling good about themselves. They leave with a smile on their face.”

Outside of Artisan’s, you can find Brendan restoring antique cars and making world-class pie crust. Also, fun fact about Brendan, he is a demolition derby champion!

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