Innovation Alley at FluffFest

DATE:  November 30, 2017     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Events, Outreach

The inmates from the Artisan’s Asylum once again swarmed and transformed Mike’s Auto (Thanks Mike!) into Innovation Alley for the Centennial Fluff Fest in Union Square, with more than a dozen members volunteering, setting up and performing live class demos for the community, and showing off some great pieces that our members and students have made recently.

Special thanks to Mike Dawson & Rick Yorde for constructing the HUGE “A’s” that became an unexpected and hot selfie spot (send us your photos!)!

Our teacher and member demos included:

Melissa Glick – Hacker Creations
Pete Dilworth – 3Doodler
Richard Driver and Mike Beach – Robotics
Collette Rien – Fiber Arts
MJ Rotchford – Found object art
Trevor O’Brien, Rick Yorde and Mike Dawson – Woodworking