Help us make our mark.

DATE:  June 30, 2016     CATEGORIES:  Artisan Grants, Friends of Artisans, Fundraising


Artisan’s Asylum began as an ambitious experiment in community and making. But this year, we’ve taken huge strides to develop our makerspace into an institution that will support creation and fabrication for years to come.

We have laid the groundwork for our future success, including a lease extension on our 40,000 square foot facility. Our community has celebrated tremendous milestones – SCUL marked its 20th anniversary, our Awesomenaut program traded invaluable tool and equipment training for volunteered labor, and our membership has expanded and improved the infrastructure and offerings of our facility with the development of a Metal Casting shop, a Wood Guild, and its Shop Leads program. We are constantly striving to improve and grow, made evident by recent updates to our Computer Lab, the acquisition of new equipment, and the awarding of the most Artisan’s Grants to date.

Please help us celebrate the past, present, and future of Artisan’s Asylum with a donation. Together, we can make sure that creativity and innovation have a place to thrive in Somerville, Greater Boston, and beyond.

Derek Seabury
President and Executive Director