Featured Projects: Mac Pierce

DATE:  April 26, 2018     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Friends of Artisans, Get Involved!, Membership

What are our A2 members up to?
Let’s find out!

Mac, tell us a bit about your project…

I’ve been making a custom character display using programmable LEDs that is able to display A-Z and 0-9, one letter at a time and in full color. The end goal is that it can be adapted for art projects to communicate messages beautifully. Currently, the display reads off the entirety of a text file 1 letter at a time, with each letter given one second to display. The current text file is the Iliad of Homer, which will take 9.09 days to read in its entirety. For the initial version here, the display is composed of a 3D printed frame to hold and baffle the LEDs and electronics, an acrylic faceplate to diffuse the lights, and a single wall adapter to power it.

How did Artisan’s Asylum enable your creation?

Only through using the digital fabrication tools was this able to come together. The acrylic face was cut and engraved on a one of the Black Cat lasers, the frame was printed on the Flash Forge. When I encountered coding issues, both Cosmo Borsky and Jacob LaRoca provided incredibly helpful tips.


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