Featured Monthly Member: Michael Shonle

DATE:  January 11, 2019     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Community, Membership

For this month, we are featuring Michael Shonle, long-time member and creator of the eCorder.

“I’m a long-time recorder player and devotee of electronic music.  I’ve been single-handedly creating my all-electronic flute, the eCorder, for several years now, doing everything from overall software, electronics, mechanical design, to final assembly and production.  Artisan’s Asylum has been a wonderful resource, providing the right mix of everything, including a well-equipped electronics lab, a vented room for painting, and most importantly, wonderfully supportive and knowledgeable fellow inmates!  I really couldn’t imagine having been able to do it without AA.” – Michael Shonle

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Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CantuxResearch